Beauty and Fashion

How are beauty and fashion (as defined in the 'What is Fashion' section) related?
Do they influence each other? Are they completely separate?
Can beauty be viewed through fashion and vice versa?


Anonymous said...

I would like to think that beauty is more of a natural thing and that fashion isn't, but I have seen those girls (and some guys)that are 10 times prettier just because they take REALLY good care of themselves...clothes, hair, makeup. It isn't natural at all, but it helps a lot.

Also, in magazines we see a lot of skinny girls in nice clothes and automatically assume they are beautiful, or that we will be more beautiful if we wear or use what they are using. It might not be a concious thing, but subconciously I think we all do it. It doesn't create beauty anywhere but in our minds.

Anonymous said...

I think so!! I don't think you need fashion to be beautiful though!