Beauty and Fashion

How are beauty and fashion (as defined in the 'What is Fashion' section) related?
Do they influence each other? Are they completely separate?
Can beauty be viewed through fashion and vice versa?

Tell us, What is Beauty to You?

In today's world almost everything we see, do, think, and say is a result of society; everything is socially constructed.
One example is the idea of beauty.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking about it...

What is beautiful to you, physically?
What causes us to see women or men in magazines and know (or consider) them to be beautiful?
Does it come from the make-up they are wearing? the clothes they are wearing?
Can beauty be created?
Can true beauty be created?
Is it dependant upon the person and what 'nature' gave to them?
Do we agree with how society (media) portrays beauty?
Are our ideas of what beauty is coinciding with our actions?
Should anything be changed?
If so, what should we do to change it?

With those questions in mind, describe in the comments section below what beauty/beautiful means to you. This does not include inner beauty, strictly the physical aspects. Explain why you feel that way.